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The Genius Guide to the Death Mage $3.99
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/03/2013 21:53:25

If your campaign makes use of the magic of death and spirits, the Death Mage will find a home and provide a variety of hooks and options for play. The Genius Guide to Death Mage provides a new 20-level spell casting class with a focus on magic of death and undeath. They have an interesting selection of weapons, many relating to reaping and the harvest, access to light armor and shields and a fair skill selection. They have five paths to choose from on the Pale Road that provide additional talents, such as the Ghoul who can eat the dead for healing and strength or the Reaper who hunt and destroy the undead. While the Death Mage has a limited selection of spells, including a several new spells, they still provide a good -if narrow- set of options and tools for this caster. There is also a discussion on adding new spells to the Death Mage and advise on incorporating them into a campaign. However, the spell lists and new spells take up a lot of space so there is no additional support material beyond the unliving template (needed for their summoned creatures).

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The Genius Guide to the Death Mage
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