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Publisher: QuikLink Interactive, Inc.
by Richard C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2013 22:54:20

Roger L. says it best:

This article discusses the two source books "Referees Screen" and "Combat Manual" for SciFi20, the D20 OGL version of Traveller.

Appearance Again, we find again the already familiar layout of the previously-discussed books. The cover of Combat Manual, as well as facing the player side of the game screen manager for self-printing are again the artist Bryan Gibson. The front artwork is colored.

I particularly like the scene in comic-like compound moment of SL screen that shows a group of 4 when exploring a jungle planet.

The content is again in black / white, broken up by artwork and tables, everything as it was, so to speak.

The hard facts:

• SciFi 20 referees Screen • Format: pdf • Pages: 18 • Publisher: QuikLink Interactive, Inc. • Language: English • Price: U.S. $ 5 (approx. EUR 3.60) • Link partner:
- id = 96687 & affiliate_id = 260512

• SciFi20 Combat Manual • Format: pdf • Pages: 45 • Publisher: QuikLink Interactive, Inc. • Language: English • Price: U.S. $ 6 (approx. 4.35 EUR) • Link partner:
- id = 96559 & affiliate_id = 260512


The referees screen we find exactly what we would expect. Tables for almost any situation. The screen is divided SL print yourself and in 4 areas. The front of the SL screen is decorated with a scene in the input text named, the back is filled with tables.

Since the amount of tables in SciFi20 not be low, there is also desweiten 4 pages, which are intended as player handouts like 4 pages to the team captain. These are the so-called reference cards. Information that might miss a SL, it finds / her in the reference cards.

About weapon codes, armor types, load weight, purchasable goods, healing times, moving ranges, impact of hazardous weather to attribute lists for untrained skills, sensor ranges, size of an unknown planet, and more, I found everything what I could imagine me as SL use.

The Combat Manual provides as yet more content, though more in text form. As its name suggests, it is about the fight, not only, but mostly. Discussed in this book are the rules for the battle between nature, as is so attacked, is dodged as the weapons and attacks which cause the modifications. Furthermore, we can also read what influences have injuries, as they are interpreted and how the newspapers are to recovery. Short trips to the damage to property but also to specific maneuvers are served us well.

The dice system in itself is not my Präferiertes, so I would not, for reasons of objective review to respond. But the fact is that the collection contains enough ideas for lockers to be used, but may also free enough to be able to incorporate spontaneous player ideas.

The second chapter of the book revolves around the vehicle and space combat. Typically, not all crew members of a ship to operate the weapons, so I'm even curious as SciFi20 solves the problem that half the player is idle.

In short: Not bad. Of course, a ship not only gunners, but also sensor specialists, Astrogatoren, the scientific crew and so on. Each of these teams can take special actions in combat, which determine the overall outcome of the battle. One ship is natural. Hitbox (engines, Sickbay, bridge, etc) and then hit act on different sections of some entirely different I believe that this system is really good and I will leave it for my own science fiction round the system Trinity influence. Nevertheless, and this is in many combat systems greater order so often, it will be slow and by its nature already no rush can break out at the table.

Value for money 3.60 EUR and 4.35 EUR for books that are thick, but also immediately have described the content, quite appropriate. Less is probably not really, after all, authors and artists have yet to be paid, even if you have only a few megabytes on your hard drive and not a piece of paper in his hands.

Conclusion The SL Shield collection is just the expected - table next table, arranged not always make sense, but massively helpful in SL everyday. The Combat Manual provides especially when vehicle combat some fresh ideas, including but otherwise exactly the content you want to get to. Maneuvers, combat rules, and whatever else belongs to

Bonus / DLC Is a reading test for referees screen does not exist.

An extract to Combat Manual can be found here: click
- i = http% 3A% 2F% 2Fpdf_previews%% 2 - F96559-sample.pdf

Our review

Referees Screen Appearance 3/5 Content 4/5 Value for money 4.5 / 5 Total (the average of all categories) 4

Combat Manual Appearance 3.5 / 5 Content 4/5 Value for money 4/5 Total (the average of all categories) 4

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