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Tunnels & Trolls Free Rulebook $0.00
Publisher: Flying Buffalo
by Richard H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/12/2013 16:31:12

I remember how the Dragon Magazine and TSR guys were so upset about Tunnels & Trolls back in the day. I always thought it was a blatant copy that was a parody based on their negative remarks, but the modern era positive reviews made me finally download this.

This particular file is a bare-bone free preview. All in all it feels like a stripped down version of Original DnD. It also turns out I was sorely disappointed by the "Choose Your Own Adventure" solitaire mode.This little rulebook failed to make me sold on T&T, although the publisher's site and players swear by this game. For a free product, I wanted a hard sell. It felt like a 1970s/1980s Steve Jackson fighting fantasy gamebook- without his superb writing style.

Not sure why T&T is a good alternative to DnD at this time. Perhaps the simplified rules?

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Tunnels & Trolls Free Rulebook
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