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War of the Dead: The Paper Dead $5.99
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by robert f. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/14/2013 01:43:36

A huge variety of figures, covering subjects often left out of other similar sets. The zombies and survivors here show evidence of their former lives, in their dress and equipment. Several age categories, for zombies and survivors. Pets, wild animals, horses. Bikes, motorbikes, cars, an RV. Also includes larger vehicle reference images, with the seating plans laid out; very useful for having at the side of the game table, to remind yourself "Who was sat in that seat?". These should save a lot of in-game debates of "Wasn't me!".

Tons of re-useability for any modern horror game. The pdf also has a layer facility, to allow you to print out smaller numbers of specific figures, for when you don't want the full sheet.

Even if you're not currently running a zombie game, this product will make you WANT to run one.

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War of the Dead: The Paper Dead
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