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Beasts & Barbarians: Hero Construction Set $9.95
Publisher: Okumarts Games
by Tiago H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/16/2013 09:25:49

I won't say the obvious, that this isn't simply a set of figures but a true figure making software. Everyone already said that, and by reading the product description and other reviews you already have a good idea of how this works.

Instead I'll try to convey what this set gives you, and is really amazing, the way this set is configured makes every one of the 10 figures that can be constructed is an archetype of hero, and may be constructed in various ways, mixing its parts, giving you effectively a whole party of roman gladiators, female rogues, asian monks, black skin savages, evil looking magicians, elvish warriors, mongol steppe warriors, arabian desert nomads, conanesque barbarians, xena-like amazon warriors...

It isn't, as the name may hint, only a barbarian construction set. It's a set to make lots of heroes of lots of different archetypes.

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Beasts & Barbarians: Hero Construction Set
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