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Your Arms Out of Water
Your Arms Out of Water
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Rogue Mage Roleplaying Game Player's Handbook $9.99
Publisher: Misfit Studios
by Steve W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/06/2013 16:19:17

I have never been a huge fan of d20. The system is cumbersome, has way too many rules to keep track of, and is class based. About the only time I have liked anything d20 was Mutants and Masterminds. They took the standard d20 and turned it into a cool classless system that worked. Well now I have discovered something else d20 that I like. The Rogue Mage RPG fell into my lap and when I began reading it, I discovered a new d20 classless system that works.

Now I am NOT familiar with the Faith Hunter's alternate Earth but I am very intrigued by what I see in the game. You get to follow in the steps of others who survived the end of the world, a modern ice age, and worse. If you like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, d20 Star Wars, or Mutants and Masterminds, then you will find Rogue Mage to be a delight. As with any new game, you will have a small learning curve but once you overcome that small hurdle, you will be on your way towards exploring a new world with many possibilities

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Rogue Mage Roleplaying Game Player's Handbook
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