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Eclipse: The Codex Persona Shareware $0.00
Publisher: Distant Horizons Games company
by Carl C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/28/2013 16:18:07

I've not delved deep in this, but it seems to be the 3E classes broken up into their component parts, with a points system for reassembling them again. It also adds about an equal measure of new stuff, adding a lot. It can either be used to let players make their own "classes", or for the DM to balance and develop homebrew classes. Not updated for Pathfinder.

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Creator Reply:
Handily enough, Pathfinder is already Eclipse-compatible - as are most other d20 systems. There's an article series on how to build various Pathfinder races and classes using Eclipse on the support blog linked in the book. If you want to look at those, try

Creating or reproducing "classes" really isn't the point though; it's to allow the players to make one-of-a-kind characters with whatever abilities fit their conceptions without needing more than one book. That's why it covers replacing all classes, prestige classes, templates, feats, and races from pretty much any source. If you'd like to look at some samples, there's quite a list over here:
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Eclipse: The Codex Persona Shareware
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