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Apparition Class Starship, Multirole Deep Intruder $6.99
Publisher: Avalon Game Company
by Shane B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/04/2013 10:42:53

I'm addicted to starship supplements, especially those with deck plans. I am running a sci fi tabletop RPG and started out looking for some neat ship designs to fit into my campaign. Very soon I had far more than I needed, but I kept acquiring them with the idea that I'd end up using the best of what I had in the game. I point this out to explain that I have perused, purchased and poured over many, many, many supplements much like the Apparition Class from Avalon Game Company.

This one my friends is one of the best. The book is full of useful information, cool maps, some in-game commentary on development and use of the ships of this class and so on. The ship very much feels like you could park one on a football field, walk in and fly away in it. (I think we all wish we could do this...)

So Bravo to Avalon, and to Noah J. Ternullo, the author. Noah has created something that is best in class in a crowded field. The only products I've seen that are as good are the Future Armada Series by Ryan Wolfe. (His company was formerly Ki Ryn Studios and is now I believe "0 hr." Any of his products are well worth your time if you're in the market for neat ships. It is my sincerest hope that this team puts out many more excellent ship supplements.

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Apparition Class Starship, Multirole Deep Intruder
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