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Abandoned Wagon Paper Model $0.95
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
by Keri W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/04/2013 16:14:48

The image of the product looks awesome. I was really excited to grab this (cheaply, too!) and put it together for tonight's game, but an hour and a half later I can't figure out how it all goes together. The instructions are AWFUL. No pictures, just non-detailed text with very, very basic instructions. "Assemble the Under Carriage and Bed, and glue these together." Okay, great. How exactly do I do that!? Maybe Fat Dragon has spoiled me with their step by step photo instructions, but these instructions suck so bad that I can't use this product. And they don't have an actual picture of the final product, just an illustration. Disappointed.

Seriously, these are the instructions:

1) Score along the line running vertically between the Wheels pieces. To score a line, lightly drag your hobby knife along it, applying enough pressure to make the paper easier to fold but not enough to cut all the way through. 2) Cut out all of the pieces along their outer black lines, and cut along the horizontal lines between the Wheels. 3) Score the remaining black lines. 4) Assemble the Under Carriage and Bed, and glue these together. 5) Assemble the Axles and glue these to the Under Carriage. 6) Assemble the Tongue (or Hitching Poles) and glue it (them) in place at front of the Undercarriage and Bed. 7) Assemble the Tongue Crosspiece and affix it to the Tongue (unless using Hitching Poles). 8) Fold the Wheels into double-sided pieces, apply glue to their unprinted sides and press them flat. 9) Cut along the Wheels’ outer black lines. 10) Affix the Wheels to the ends of the Axles. 11) Optionally, you may add a canvas cover. 12) Your model is now complete.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Keri, I'm sorry this model stumped you!

If you keep in mind that most of the components in this set are just "boxes" of some shape or other, it should be pretty easy to put it together just looking at the finished examples. The placement of most of the pieces should be labeled, or be obvious by the white spaces left on the components. Essentially the wagon is composed of a flat box (the bed) on top of another flat box (the undercarriage), with long skinny boxes used for the axles and wagon tongue. Since you've built some paper models before, creating paper boxes should be something you can do in your sleep! :)

Everything else should be pretty easy -- again, just look at the finished illustrations to figure out where to place the side walls, wheels and so on. Just dive in and start doing it -- cut out the pieces, cut along the outer black lines, score along the remaining lines, fold and glue -- and if you goof, it's only paper and you can print another sheet.

Hope that helps!
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Abandoned Wagon Paper Model
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