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Freeport Companion (FATE) $9.95
Publisher: Green Ronin
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/10/2013 10:24:03

Freeport has been a jewel of a place for fantasy adventurers to visit since its first appearance as the backdrop for the adventure Death in Freeport back in 2000, a very early third party D20 adventure (and, yes, I still have my copy). Since then the place has grown and developed culminating in The Pirates Guide to Freeport (2007) written as a systemless guide to the city supplemented by a range of system-specific 'Companions' for different rulesets... and here's the FATE one, providing all the game mechanical information you need to make the most of this wonderful setting in your FATE games.

It opens with Chapter 1: Character Creation. This explains more than just building appropriate characters, it helps you and your group decide just what sort of game you wish to play in Freeport, and then create a party appropriate to your concept. It blends information from the FATE Core rules (which you'll need to make the most of this book) with setting-specific details to facilitate customising characters to players' vision and the overarching concept intended for your game.

Next Chapter 2: Magic and Spellcasting takes a look at these important fantasy elements, showing how they can be modelled using the FATE ruleset. The use of magic in Freeport includes risks of corruption and madness, brought on by using magic for evil (or even merely selfish) ends and dabbling in dark secrets and Things That Should Not Be, so take care what you do.

Chapter 3: Wealth and Gear covers the character's money and possessions. In FATE a lot gets abstracted, each character is assumed to have most of the basic stuff necessary for whatever he does, and only specific items like weapons, armour and magic items. However if a skill you wish to perform requires specific tools or equipment, make sure that you have them with you!

Then Chapter 4: Creatures of Freeport and Chapter 5: Denizens of Freeport cover the beasties and sentient inhabitants of the city respectively, applying the appropriate FATE mechanics to provide them with the necessary stat blocks to use them in play. A lot of the Denizens chapter is filled with 'generic' characters, the people the party will encounter on the streets as they move around - from beggars and thugs to merchants and nobles - but there is also a goodly number of 'notable' characters: named NPCs whom they may meet and who certainly wield some influence in town.

The remainder of the book is devoted to an adventure, Fury in Freeport, designed to introduce some newly minted characters to this fascinating and treacherous city. It is replete with mysteries to investigate, deadly brawls, undead and evil villains and provides a good jumping-off point for a whole Freeport campaign as by the end of it the characters should have a good feel for the city and its past, and know quite a few people there. Neatly, it is suggested that the characters are newly arrived in town, so the players can learn about the city even as their characters do, avoiding the awkwardness that results when the characters ought to know stuff that their players do not.

If you play FATE and want to visit Freeport, or like Freeport and wish to try out the FATE ruleset, this is well worth reading as it brings the two together extremely well.

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Freeport Companion (FATE)
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