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Shadowrun: 4th Ed. 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook $44.99 $15.00
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
por Paul H. D. B. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 10/14/13 08:37:21

At first this special edition appears to be a rehash, a recombinant of the Shadowrun universe. True, the original information is reiterated, the state of existence that veteran readers of the genre know by heart, is referred to yet again, but this is done in a completely original and creative way. What came before is addressed from a fresh, new perspective that is very compelling because it is give by a person, a native of this dark, dreary projection of the future. The book also expands on the Shadowrun universe, adding additional layers to its history and creating events that bringing new and imaginative concepts to the writer's desk.

The art is evocative and inventive. It gives a great first impression to those who are unfamiliar with Shadowrun and offers a new look to Catalyst game labs' world of the late 21st century. The digital quality is indeed high. It makes me believe that no print edition is necessary because the clarity of the images is so fine.

Well done, CGL, keep up the good work. You deserve nothing but praise.

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Shadowrun: 4th Ed. 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook
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