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RESISTOR vol. 1 $10.00
Publisher: Resistormag
by Mathew D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/14/2018 04:33:28

Here is a near-future world (barely distinguishable from our own) rendered as an incessant scenario owned by multinational corporations: games, flash-fiction and live action roleplay provide means by which those playing or reading the contents of Resistor might re-represent themselves to be a more truthful version of themselves.

“Many cyberpunks defy binaries too,” says the introduction, “taking on complex identities that aren’t easily checked off in those info forms like M/F or Black/White or Straight/Gay or American/Other. Cyberpunks are also liminal, existing partially out of body somewhere in digital spaces, expressing those parts of their identities through words, sounds and images only interacted with on a screen.”

It's the way the zine situates a series of collectively-imagined spaces inside the privately-owned theatre of the mobile phone, the internet chat room and the shopping mall that take it far closer to the attitude and sensibility of Cyberpunk than many traditionally-focused roleplaying games. Recommended.

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