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Dragon Slayers RPG $4.99
Publisher: Beast Box Publishing
by Daniel M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/17/2017 12:42:19

I have had the pleasure of play testing Dragon Slayers RPG with the creator himself. As a RPG novice, with limited D&D experience 20 years ago, I did not know exactly what to expect from Dragon Slayers. Dragon Slayers turned out to be a fun and interactive game that was quick to start up. Building our characters was a fairly short process and there seemed to be no wrong answer on how to build them. The game play was streamlined and did not require constantly looking at several tables to determine what to roll. I played a mage which can usually be a complicated spell casting role but the spells were easy to use. The mage was also not fully dependent on the spells and could definitely contribute with melee and ranged attacks. If you are looking for a fun and easy to learn RPG then Dragon Slayers RPG is for you.

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Creator Reply:
Publisher's Note: Daniel was a Dragon Slayers playtester.
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Dragon Slayers RPG
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