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Under the Sundered Moon Redux Deluxe $10.00 $2.25
Publisher: Peryton Publishing
by Chet C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/11/2012 23:54:05

A short and direct campaign (It's much more than one adventure!) description which can last as long and as far as you want. Player characters can be entirely non-adventure types - as a matter of fact, this was written specifically for the Citizen class in T&T. The Citizen class being the class of an average serf or wanderer who has no really useful adventurer skills to speak of.

It concerns time travel caused by a blend of magic and tech. This time, in this setting, it seems to work - and it all but demands sequels and fictional stories.

You'll probably want to change some things (probably different things than I would) and expand it in one direction for another. The protagonist, or "mover" of the story is easily turned into an NPC or a player character. Either choice will lead to entirely different adventures and dynamics, probably on an individual basis. This character can be key to the direction the plot(s) will take. And there's nothing to say that this character couldn't have had - urr, ehm - companions arrive with him. Therefore the players can play citizens native to the future environment, or citizens from...some earlier time. This, again, can be adapted by the GM; in my game, it starts on 21st century Earth.

And there's nothing which says this "mover" must survive, either! I keep thinking what sort of improvisational events would occur if Dave Arneson was running this.

This is a delightful adventure for T&T, and - with expansions - it could be as popular as once was Greyhawk. This time, for T&T.

But, yes -- it does need expansion. And sequels. And maybe a series of short stories.

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Under the Sundered Moon Redux Deluxe
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