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Communities (City Builder Volume 1) $3.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by JK R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/16/2013 08:58:44

This 31 page book (plus OGL, cover page, etc.) describes communities in standard fantasy settings, ranging from temporary labour encampments to metropolises - although the focus is mainly on cities. While I was rather less impressed with later volumes in the series, this first one is particularly good.

It opens with a general description of communities of various sizes, and how they might be affected by non-human populations and the like. Much of this is generic, but it seems well-researched, and provides a solid base to deviate from if your setting has particularly unusual features. This is followed by a brief look at common building types, and some more detailed examination of urban fortifications, law enforcement, and street lighting (or the lack thereof). There's also discussion of moving about in cities, addressing such things as rooftop chases and sewer delving - a staple in urban RPG settings.

Finally, there is a rather good 6-page section on civic disasters, covering things like flood, fire, famine, and plague. Any of these can radically upset a city and the lives of anyone resident within, and they can make dramatic backdrops for adventures, or just a sense of living in a real world. Again, a lot of this is well thought out.

The artwork is good, although some might want to note that 8 of the pages (a quarter of the total) are art-only, so that the text portion of the book is shorter than you might expect. What remains, though, is well worth the price.

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Communities (City Builder Volume 1)
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