StarCluster 2 Guide to Advanced Aliens $5.00
Publisher: Better Mousetrap Games
by Michael C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2005 00:00:00
This PDF is a list of several of the Aliens that inhabit the Cluster. It gives a brief description of each Alien along with, demographics, nicknames, descriptions of thier anatomy, and an illistration.

LIKED: The pictures were nice for describing what hty elook like to players. The nicknames were cool for in game dialog purposes. some real interesting new aliens.

DISLIKED: I was disapointed with the lack of detail after reading the book on Guaru. I would have like to have less aliens in the book but cover each one left in more detail.

QUALITY: Acceptable

VALUE: Satisfied

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StarCluster 2 Guide to Advanced Aliens
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