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Map Series - Tavern
Map Series - Tavern
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Guild Adventurer #1 $8.00
Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises
by VP401533 K. H. L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2014 03:55:43

I was astounded, jaw hanging. I heard about rolemaster and HARP (but never played it) but never the guild adventurer magazine.

So, one fateful day, I was scouring around in DTRPG for a new game system to sink my "eyes" into and I chanced upon rolemaster. So I asked myself, why not?

I wanted to have a feel of the writing style, gaming perspective, theme and mechanics so what better place to start this exploration than through their own in-house magazine?

A few clicks later (and lightening of my wallet), I bought this magazine.

Cover art is well...meh - mundane and to be honestly, quite amateur work but a fine reminiscence of old school RPG (e.g. D&D BECMI, 1e/2e) so it is ok with me.

Length of the magazine is fine - not the cheapest in terms of ratio for pages per dollar spent but its ok. Articles - there are six. There are two supplementary articles fleshing out a tavern and a coach inn and four adventures (varying from RMC to HARP to Spacemaster).

What can I say to these articles? Wow! The detailing on the tavern and coach-inn are simply fantastics. Everything in it are fully usable whether on the intended campaign or to be used elsewhere (and the articles even advise how it can be done).

As for the adventures, at a read through only (without actually using it in play), there are simply terrific. Old-school, fine writing styles, thematic and flavorful.

This magazine (unlike some other magazines I bought and reviewed) gives me worth in every page and articles.

This magazine has convinced me. I'm going to embark on RMC - made an order for all the basic core books and definitely going to purchase the rest (and future) of the guild adventurer magazines.

Kudos to the everyone who worked on this. I have never been WOWed for a long time

PS: PF was mundane but still enjoyable and D&D 4e was yucks. So this gives you a gauge of what I meant by my appraisal of their (guild companion publication) work.

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Guild Adventurer #1
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