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Tales of Wyn D'mere Role Playing Game! Pay What You Want
Publisher: Shield of Faith Studios
by Tim B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2002 00:00:00

Tales of Wyn D'Mere is one of the more inovative role-playing games I have every played. Character creation, while long and leaning on the complex side, allows for the creation of a character's history and background while building the character like no other system I have ever played. Characters are whole beings durring creation, making for a much more natural role-playing experience, as they have a true history that is mapped out through the creation.

Once you get to actualy playing, the system flows quite well. There is some math involved while playing, but nothing that requires anything more complex than a sheet of scratch paper to add up high rolls. The game plays very naturaly, and allows for great customization of characters, as well as the world set around them. Monsters are origional and will keep players guessing as they run into new and exotic creatures. The world is rich in detail with plenty of room to customize your own little nitch of the world.

I highly recomend this system to any moderate to advanced roleplayer who is looking for a system that weaves characters with depth and personality as well as moving quickly along with mechanics.

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Tales of Wyn D'mere Role Playing Game!
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