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UNORTHODOX Knights $5.50 $4.40
Publisher: The Le Games
by Geoffrey B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/02/2006 00:00:00

Battle Knight: The Tank. Lots of bonuses to negate Armor penalty and give a bit better movement, some cool charging bonuses and some AC increase. Tank.

Chevalier Amour: A fun class. Uses skills alot. Gets bonuses to fight for his true love and to escape perilous situations. Would be fun to Role-Play if your party isn't stuffy. "Look a Monkey" is my favorite feat ever.

Knight of Frost: A sworn warrior from the evil and cold North. Gains frost abilities, eventually gaining the cold subtype.

Knight of the Road: I like this class, but the art doesn't seem to fit the description. . . A wandering Knight who gains some cool abilities. Sword sling is like backstab except only for when you start the fight with a flat-footed opponent and your sword sheathed. I like that because it will make the knight work to gain this advantage so they can use this awesome attack. The "Traveler's" abilities are cool, but they describe it through a points system that is the same as the # of times per day. I'm not a huge fan of mounts, and while I understand a wandering knight using a beloved horse I've just never liked them. I also don't like summoning the horse, I would definately limit that in my campaign.

Knight of the Broken Tusk: A half-orc special. I like this class, it gains lots of tough combat abilities and some good leadership type abilities. This of course is offset with being a Half-Orc and swearing devotion to the order. There are some guidelines for adventuring, and a stern warning not to abandon the group as you wander about. I like the "smite" they have in this character, but I would rename it because it doesn't act like other smites at all.

Lanternian Knight: The repentant warrior seeks to undo his crimes fromt he past. I like this class. It's especially usefull to me because I have an Everquest fan who had to play as a Dark Knight, but has become a Good Dark Knight. . . I am definately going to give him the option to use this class after I kick him out of Dark. Some cool abilities, and great role-playing opportunity, especially if you involve the characters mysterious and dark past.

Blind Blade: Prestige class. Interesting, and gives blindsense and later blindsight. has a lot of cool roleplaying potential and would be a great option for a character who was blinded. I would use this on a low level character who didn't meet the requirements and once they got blindsense let them take other class levels again. This doesn't seem powerful enough to warant a character voluntarily blinding themself.

I like all of these classes and I think they are easier to integrate than other of the Unorthodox Jobs. Knights of Frost are going to make a nasty series of intrusions into my campaign as NPC's. One of the bonus of getting these books is throwing in NPC's to go with the party that fight differently than the party. It actually has a few people wanting to try the Unorthodox jobs themselves. <br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: Very easy to integrate as NPC or PC. Much better job on that part than the other books. (at least for my campaigns) I liked the Lanternian Knight and Blind Blade for their ability to come into play in a campaign when things go differently than expected. Chevalier Amour sounded dumb at first, but it really is a well thought out class and would be a lot of fun to play and especially to role-play. All of the Unorthodox jobs give a little boost to the Role-play side, valuable if you have some gamers who don't do a very good job of creating their character.<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: Not so keen on the battle knight, It is my least favorite of the jobs, it just screams tank at you, although it has some other really cool abilities. Not a big complaint, I would still let someone play the class. If they want to be the tank.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Excellent<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Very Satisfied<br>

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