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Generic Floorplans - Starship $3.48 $2.61
Publisher: Forever People
by Dale M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/13/2014 12:45:34

Image itself: This floor plan is nice and worthy of 4 stars. The level of detail is high. I'm not excited about the font used for the "Airlock," "Caution," and "Restricted" labels but it is good enough and I won't hold it against the overall product. I'm knocking off a star because the interior layout is a little goofy and kinda maze-like. There's lots of space wasted on hallways. In general, ships should have a simple design, the simpler the better. Interesting note: man there are alot of bathrooms.

License: While the license itself is not the simplest I've seen, it is workable enough that I won't say anything negative against it.

Overall: This piece of artwork would be great for a future publication if it were not for a single detail: I don't think I can find an exterior ship image that will work with this floor plan. I'm not sure I can find one that I can say is "close enough." The overall shape can best be described as a shoe box. While not bad, there is much too it that is going to be difficult to work with. For example, 2-1/2 sides of the bottom deck exterior is covered with escape pods (9 in total) that only hold 2 people. Escape pods are good and all, but if there were 2 pods that held 10 people, and/or if they were built to be part of the ship's outer hull instead of bolted on, that would be easier to find an exterior ship image that worked with it. The two weapons mounts are in odd locations. Not bad, just peculiar and will, again, make it difficult to find an exterior image for the ship. So overall, I'm giving it 3 stars. I'd bump it up to 4 without a second thought if the artist sold an image of what the ship's exterior. Heck, I'd probably ignore the nitpicking at the beginning of this review and bump this up to 5 stars if the artist included an image of the ship's exterior.

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Creator Reply:
Hi, thanks for taking the time to write a review and feedback

Interesting (and fair) comment about the exterior image. As soon as current projects are complete I will endeavour to update this with a picture for publishers to use.

Toilets: one per bunk, but I figured you can\'t just wander into someone\'s bunk if you\'re a visitor, so some WCs for guests too. Probably too many though and noted for the next floorplan ;-)

The labyrinth style is probably influenced more by things like Star Trek than more straight forward designs (Serenity, for example) and I personally felt the complicated layout allows for lots of possibilities and scenarios where a simpler design might only come in handy as a basic centrepiece. I do have a product showing a ship with a simpler layout (
ans--Steampunk-Battle-Cruiser) but the feel of that one is more steampunk and may not fit the bill.

Please do watch this space as I have more of these planned and feedback really does help me to design the next batch so they deliver what publishers and gamers need. Thanks again.
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Generic Floorplans - Starship
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