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RDP: Aquatic Hazards
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/10/2006 00:00:00

Aquatic Hazards

Water adventures always add a nice new element to the game. Things are a little more alien the big blue. And the hazards can be very different and unexpected. That is of course what this book covers. The name pretty much gives it away but the content is solid and easy to use. Aquatic Hazards is a PDF by Reality Deviants Publishing who seem to be an imprint with Ronin Arts these days. The book is written by Ewan Conradie. The PDF is twenty pages long and comes in an on screen version and a print version. The art is few and pretty standard and the lay out is fine. Aquatic Hazards presents fifteen new problems that can hinder players in the water. There ar ea few with a variable challenge rating but the rest of them have challenge ratings no higher then five. This makes the book a lot more useful in the early to mid game and it really loses its usefulness in the higher levels. A broader range of challenge ranting would have been preferred or at the very least advice for using these to challenge high level parties. There is some good things in here but at times it just does not go far enough in some of the details. For instance the first one is called Aurmaror?s Breath. This is an acidic cloud that goes through the water dissolving organic material. It comes from an animal the Aurmaror that uses it to hunt and kill its prey. I would have really liked to have seen the Aurmaror stated out and not just have a hazard based on it. I do like how magic is used to keep power and present many of these things as problems. There is the Bone Dust which is another cloud this time of bone particles in the water. It can cause constitution damage and can allude to a great battle near by. There is driftwood mold that eat holes in a ship in minutes and really cause problems. There is the rock slime that is a nasty grappler that goes after magic items. Anything like that is always fun. There are saline clouds in the water that can have devastating dehydration effects on anything that goes into them. Not everything is floating clouds of stuff. There are also some plant life that can cause problems like the vibrating sea fan. It is a simple plant that can try to damage or stun fish or potentially anything that swims to close. There is also a sea fungus that can cause confusion in creatures that get to close. There is a nice range of hazards in this book. I like the many clouds and things a group on a ship can just stumble into and not really be aware of it until it is too late. The clouds and other hazards can also be easily used around a sea encounter or battle to make things even more difficult then just a sea beast.

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RDP: Aquatic Hazards
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