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Bits of Darkness: Dungeons II $9.25
Publisher: Tabletop Adventures, LLC
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/10/2006 00:00:00

Bits of Darkness Dungeons 2

Descriptions can be an important part of the gaming experience. Sometimes it can be difficult to fully describe a room especially if the DM has not prepared for doing so. Preparation can take a bit of time and effort and not everyone has the writing skills to make it good. That is where this series of PDFs comes in. It has the descriptions already written for the DM to use. Some are long and others are short so the DM can fit what he has need for with the right passage from one of the books. Bits of Darkness: Dungeons 2 is a follow up in a series of books all about the descriptions. These books seem to want to be used for games like D&D and are a bit more fantasy oriented. Unlike other ones in the series though this one does have some d20 encounters in the mix so it is not as easy to use with other non d20 games. The book is eighty three pages long and filled with writing and some ways to bring it all together though there could be more of that The book is well book marked and has a good lay out. The book consists of four basic type of descriptions two of them are new to the series in this book. The usual ones are the Shards and the Bits. These are descriptions of rooms, doors, dead ends, and other places. Shards tend to be a bit longer then the bits and cover descriptions of more type of things. One of the new description types is the brick. This is a more complicated description in that it is not all revealed at the same time. So, it covers a larger room or area and as the players explores it they discover new and interesting descriptions. It is a very good example on how to bring these descriptions together and make something more from it. Splinters are the other new bit of description in the book. A Splinter is a brief sentence that is connected to one of the senses. It is just a little bit of extra detail that can really enhance an encounter or cause the players to pause and take head of something. All in all this is as strong a product as the others in the series oi have seen and really can offer aid to a DM that needs help in this area. My one complaint is just something that I would like to eventually see from the company. The descriptions are great and offer good detail but there is always a problem with DMs reading from a box text that makes it different and not flow well. Tabletop Adventures offers some great new ways to use the box text and I would like to eventually see them off some good advice on how a DM can use that and not be so apparent that they are reading from a prepared text. It is a challenging endeavor to do, but I think it is one of the few places they can have these products grow.

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