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The Strange (corebook)
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
by Paxton K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/03/2015 08:13:25

The premise was a good idea; its been done. This seemed like it could be a new and interesting way of handling the topic. I haven't used the Cypher System; but it seemed overly complicated and, most importantly, limiting. Combat seemed to rely on "crits". It also lack a good dynamic for not being a "Story Telling" game. During a play test, I quit caring about the rolls at one point and hoped someone would die so it would end.

The topic to travelling between different realities is a good one. I played Amber Diceless for many years. I realize this game was not going to be that kind of travel; but the method this game uses, well, sucks. It seems like try to go somewhere, get there or not, maybe do something and comeback. The translation process kinda means you lose any gains you got from travelling. Worse, it means a different character sheet for each place. Worse, a character concept goes right out the portal. If I want to play a blind, female elf with Turrets. I'll roll one up. I admit that some of the translations could prove to be fun to play. Changing almost every time destroys character concept. "At home I'm an account, here I am a dragonslayer and there I am a speechless droid."

I had anticipated this game and read all the reviews. After I got the game, I wondered if I had the one they reviewed. RIFTS was a little too mathy and I had hoped with the promise of the Cypher System that a better way to handle changing worlds had been developed.

The book had excellent production values and I don't really just want to trash a game and it does have some well written, usable material.

I took a gamble that it was worth the 19.99 price for a "download". Very disappointed.

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The Strange (corebook)
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