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Crawljammer zine no. 5 $3.95 $2.00
Publisher: Moon Dice Games
by David C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2015 04:42:56

After playing in a few DCC events with Tim and becoming introduced to his Crawljammer 'zine I immediately purchased the entire collection. The introduction of space battles, crazy techno-mages, fly-people (yes, humanoid fly men!) my eyes were opened to a whole new dimension in space fantasy RPG-ing in the DCC brand.

I enjoy the zany-ness of the DCC game and with Tim's expansion I see new opportunities opening up for gameplay. I encourage anyone that enjoys the fun they have already download and try out the Crawljammer 'zines. The dedication to fun, tounge in cheek style and creativity will warm the cockles of your heart...enjoy!

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Crawljammer zine no. 5
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