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Honor + Intrigue $29.99 $14.99
Publisher: Basic Action Games
by Marcus B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/03/2015 09:03:09

Great swashbuckling game. It takes the Barbarians of Lemuria rules and makes them better. Great additions for the genre. I did not feel anything was missing, quiet the contrary. There is so much here I could not decide If I wanted to do Pirates, Musketeers or anything else in between. But not only the rules are fantastic, there are also copious amounts of background information and plot ideas for the whole world. I mean that. Fictitious history, but still close enough to get you a good idea on how to run things in any particular area. There is even information on how to run a bit more fantastical campaign like Pirates of the Caribbean or Regime Diabolique. This is not only a rulebook, but a swashbuckling toolkit. Heartily recommended, my favorite swashbuckling game, such a fantastic work.

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Honor + Intrigue
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