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Ancient Trails: So It Begins $0.00
Publisher: Terra-Sol Games LLC
by kara s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2015 11:45:33

Not much more than an adventure hook and a couple side encounters that have some flimsy railroading to them.

There's imediatly a test on how well and how detailed players secure cargo. Then an encounter with tons of fluff on why it's not viable to solve nonviolently or bother with following up on. Then the cargo is broken anyways with no explination. I feel this gets me into an awkward spot as a dm where there's no place for me to take this adventure if pcs would look into things like this. There is, but it's in no way looked into here.

Then if you get past there there's another thing that the pcs would probably only find through investigation that would've shaken an earlier part of the mission, and this thing isnt even tangently relateted to the mission so far.

Also another unrelated location in there between a couple things with no explination.

It's good for a few ideas, but for an adventure start it has potential to back the type of dm who would use a boxxed adventure like is presented here into a corner of improv when players dont follow blindly along.

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Ancient Trails:  So It Begins
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