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Ooh, Shiny! - 20 More Unique Weapons $1.50
Publisher: Interjection Games
by Ben B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/07/2015 18:38:17

This supplement clocks in at ten pages, including eight pages of content. After the cover, we jump right into the crunch (no table of contents). In this installment, we get 20 magic weapons. As in the previous installment, every item includes xp in its crafting cost, per 3.5 rules. If you are using Pathfinder crafting rules, you can simply ignore the xp cost. On the cheap end, we have the Mimeowand. It’s a lot like an Eternal Wand from the MiC (can be used twice per day, no total charge limit), but whenever you cast a spell of an appropriate level, it morphs into a wand of that spell. The greater version can become a wand of any level 1-3 spell, the normal version any level 1-2 spell, and the lesser version only mimics 1st level spells. It’s a curious item, as it lacks the normal advantages of wands in the d20 system, but has some other potentially creative uses.
On the other end of the price scale, we get the Spell Swallower, a 125000 gold piece short sword which drains spells and spell-like abilities from its target on a critical hit. For a creature with many different spells prepared/known, though, it doesn’t specify how to determine which spells are drained. The drained spells can then be used on command by the wielder of the weapon. There are also simpler weapons like the Keenblade, a magic falchion with a critical threat range of 13-20. There is almost no visual artwork in this product. Short Term Rating: Almost every item in this supplement can be dropped into a campaign without trouble, although a few rules ambiguities make these a bit cumbersome to use. The effects range from unique and fun to bland number boosts. 3.5/5. Long Term Rating: Most items in this supplement are either dull or won’t be used much in the long run. However, there are a couple of items that I can see myself coming back to and modifying with further enhancements. Hence, this supplement gets a 3/5.

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Ooh, Shiny! - 20 More Unique Weapons
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