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Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG Survivor's Guide $32.95 $10.95
Publisher: Glutton Creeper Games
by Rama T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/12/2015 12:28:51

This was originally supposed to be an offical Fallout D20 game headed by Jason Mical (original author of Fallout PNP 2.0). However, it never came to be due to some legal issues of copyright etc etc. Needless to say instead of totally scrapping the product, Exodus was born. True it doesn't have the whole Fallout name, but it carries on in spirit. There is a lot of potential for this game, and being a fan of the under rated RPG genre, this game speaks to me. It assimilates the D20 modern system with ease.

The system is well thought out and the potential for character development and growth are varied.

Take a break from the dungeon and head out to the wastelands!

My last note is this is available in Print!!! As well as three other source books. And print shouldn't be underestimated, especially if your like me who can't stand to look at a flickering screen all the live long day.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Indeed this product was licensed from Interplay as Fallout Pen and Paper using the d20 System rules in 2006. However Bethesda had licensed all Fallout media in a 2004 agreement unknowingly to GCG. This superseded GCG\'s agreement and put a untimely end to Fallout Pen and Paper. Under advisement, the product changed to Exodus, removing Fallout lore and references. The product took a page from Fallout and made the game a parody of apocalyptic book, games, and movies. As our banner states \"The closest you will get to a Fallout feel.\" Brian\'s Picks KotDT...
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Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG Survivor's Guide
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