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Behind the Spells: Mirror Image $3.20
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/04/2006 00:00:00

Mirror Image Behind the Spells

In this book of the series we see the established form of the books still being used and not that I expected that to change. The book starts with an entertaining history of how the spell was created. This one has a young man who never felt recognized for being himself in his large family. So, he choose to rebel by becoming a Bard and showcasing his talent on an important night for his family causing them some embarrassment and problems. His version of the spell was different but far more entertaining. The book then goes on with some rules involving Mirror Imagine and some new spells that are similar in theme. It is a very simple and well constructed format for the material. Behind the Spells: Magic Mirror is another in this series. It is written by Bret Boyd who has done them all in the series. The quality of writing has been very consistent because of this. It might be interesting to see a guest writer from time to time but as the series is close to being done I doubt we will see that. The PDF is put out by Ronin Arts. The PDF is very small and there is no art or a lot of extras in the book. It has a tight focus and never sways from that. The history of this spell and the way it came about are a nice and simple solution. Unlike some of the other spells in the series there is not a lot of secrets of controversy with this one. As with most of them in the series I would like a little more info. I know the PDFs are meant to be kept short and they have enough information here to explain the basics and make a cool little story. I just think the book could benefit with a few more pages that takes a look at the spell a little after its invention. How did the magic community embrace and learn of its existence? Was it spell that was the inventor taught freely to anyone that came to him for it? Ort was he a picky about it? Magic Mirror can be a pain to try to figure out which is the caster and which are the illusions. The book offers some basic advice like the use of multiple magic missiles to target and destroy some of them. It then gets a little more creative by showing how the scent ability will just detect the real person since figments have no substance and thus no smell. It also has a clever way to use detect thoughts to zero in on the caster as again the figments have no thoughts of their own. And lastly is the clever use of deathwatch. It was the only one I had not seen used in this way. There are two new spells. The first is actually the original spell that was created that mirror image was derived from: Sudden Chorus. It creates versions of one self that will sing in harmony with you. This is a great bard spell that really fits that class. The other spell is called Distracting Image. It is a nice first level spell that creates a copy of someone that will distract them. It is an interesting idea and can have use in combat as well as for fun. Behind the Spells Mirror Image is another good book in the series. It gives on a nice behind the scenes look at the spell and gives it depth and character.

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