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Veranthea Codex $24.95
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Keith E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/30/2015 15:29:14

Weighing in at almost 400 pages and a little over 400MB, this is a very hefty work. Even the 'lite' version was 36MB, heavier than most of the works that I have bought. Now, just because a books thick and heavy doesn't mean that it is any good, so I looked over the contents for a bit.

Caveat: by no means this is an all encompassing review and I am bound to not get all of the nuances and features that make this book a good one, but I'll try my best in the time and space that I have.

First of all, there is an entirely new panthen suitable for this world. There are the deities for the various races, deities for nature/world roles, deities for the outer dark, etc etc. I find myself satisfied with the variety here even though they don't quite get into absurd details with them. Maybe a 'Veranthean Gods and Fiends' book in the future could go over them? But right now, it's enough to play with.

Second, there are lots of playstyles and genres within the world. some parts cater to kungfu movie style playing, others are very dark and underground and dungeon crawl classics-ish. Still others are steampunk and guns! Lots of variety here.

Descriptions of the various lands and nations are also fairly detailed. There are even new materials here! Lots of maps are provided of the continents, nations and even a few of the cities. Descriptions of locations inside the cities and nations are also available, along with notable citizens and villains.

Looking over the available equipment, there are even giant robots (the mecha pengu), dirigibles, airplanes, etc. This is very inclusive of steampunk and dieselpunk. There are lots and lots of new archetypes and prestige classes, each one given much attention to detail. Along with the new archetypes and prestige classes, there are example NPCs to go with them.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the book and I'm amazed at the price. This is the kind of campaign that lasts years, to be enjoyed by all. I hope there are modules and APs that get published in this setting!

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Veranthea Codex
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