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0one's Blueprints: The Great City
Publisher: 0one Games
by Cire H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/27/2006 00:00:00
I've been looking for a really useful, flexible city map to represent a city in my campaign. This really fits the bill. I like the street map with a few "locations of interest". It's pretty flexible since you can add wards by reproducing pages (maybe with some rotating or mirroring to avoid a pattern.)

LIKED: Flexible city layout with street map and some locations of interest.

DISLIKED: That darn round "square of the heroes" overlaps 4 map corners. I wish it was only on one map, like the one in the residential ward.

Oh, and no scale on the map is a downer.

QUALITY: Very Good

VALUE: Very Satisfied

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0one's Blueprints: The Great City
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