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Back to Basics: Modern SRD Classes for Spycraft 2.0
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Jason K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/10/2007 00:00:00
Back To Basics is a great translation of the D20 Modern classes to Spycraft 2.0, and of the Spycraft class abilities to the D20 Modern talent tree structure (with a name change to call them knacks.) I picked it up to find new things to add to my Grim Tales game, and so some translation was required. However, I did find that the work was very well done, and integrated the Spycraft engine nicely. If someone is looking for a way to do D20 Modern scenarios using the Spycraft Engine, this is the product I'd use. For those that like art in their PDFs, there was none in this one. I don't mind it, as I buy RPG products for content, not artwork; others may disagree, however (and such is their right to do so.)

LIKED: Excellent translation of the D20 Modern classes into Spycraft terms; loved the Core Abilities concept.

DISLIKED: Being a D20 Modern fan, I was hoping for something a little more D20 Modern-oriented, as the game mechanics of the abilities were still very Spycraft Engine-oriented. Still, there's enough here to work with, so that's only a minor setback.

QUALITY: Very Good

VALUE: Very Satisfied


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Back to Basics: Modern SRD Classes for Spycraft 2.0
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