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Mega-Feats: New Paths to Victory $5.00 $3.33
Publisher: Skortched Urf' Studios
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/22/2007 00:00:00

Mega-Feats: New Paths to Victory, written by Chris Field and produced by Skortched Urf Studios, is a compact 50 page of over a hundred feats that is very reminiscent of the spoof movies that Leslie Nielson made famous.

Every page of this book is crammed with feats as much so as those types of movies are jammed with jokes. The rule of thumb for spoofs is that if half the jokes are good, then the movie is acceptable. Regrettably for Mega-Feats, half the feats are either too mundane, too corny or just plane too explicit.

There are 127 feats in Mega-Feats. The author says that they derived from his fantasy, techno comic book campaign. If it seems like a lot there, it is. You will find traditional fantasy feats that enhance weapon enhancement like Beloved Bow that gives daily bonuses to ranged attacks, comical stuff like Lingering Purity that adds a special aura to Turnings and the forged feats, which allow characters to graft parts to their body. The feats are all over the map and so is the PDF. There is no navigation nor organization. With 127 feats of a variety of types it is really depressing to not find ones that appeal to you.

Then theres th explicit stuff. This filth is what what really bothered me. I consider myself pretty open minded with language, but about 10 entries in this book reek of teenage bathroom giggly talk. Some of its disgusting and some of it is just plain gross. I am more troubled that there is no disclaimer saying this stuff is in there. I cracked open Mega-Feats, remembering about the Forged feats and how they would be helpful considering one of PCs just loss an arm, and I have to read through several feats of private parts before I get to something decent.

After the feat section, the author badgers us with his house rules. I have learned that a players house rules usually only fit in with that group. There is not much that has not been talked about in other books (action point retread) and though some of the language attempts to integrate the feats more into a normal game (by adding some of the feats as racial feats), it failed to capture me.

For the Dungeon Master and Player

The Forged Feats are the saving grace of Mega-Feats. That is not to say that the other feats are not good, it is just too difficult to find what you are looking for when there is no organization. The Forged Feats, in the back, are the only feats sectioned off from the others. Once you get past all the lame potty humor, there are some serious feats that will catch your eye like the Vein of liquid steel that allows a character to cast haste once a day or the Technocrat?s Talons that provide blades as hands. These, along with the 25 others, work well in a steampunk campaign.

The Iron Word

I am sure that there are about 30 or 40 good feats in Mega-Feats that will appeal to at least one type of gamer. But the lack of a game plan for this product is evident and make the effort to find those good feats tiring. The forged stuff is good, but I do not believe it is worth the price of the book. This seems like a clear lesson that publishing your groups house rules without any polish, cleanup or application thought may not be a good idea.

<br><br><b>LIKED</b>: - The forged feats were well designed<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: - Sexual potty humor isn't funny to everyone and it comes off as quite adolescent in this book

  • There is little to no organization. How can one find a feat they like by just looking at the poorly titled name of the feat. You'd have to sadly read through every feat, which wears thin after the 20th entry. <br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Disappointing<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Disappointed<br><BR>[THIS REVIEW WAS EDITED]<BR>

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Mega-Feats: New Paths to Victory
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