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April Augmented Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by Lucus P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/01/2016 07:52:20

There's a lot of great things in this book --- but keep in mind, it's pretty clearly an April Fool's Day release.

That said, there are some truly fun things going on, and without having a chance to properly playtest them, they actually still look very playable and usable...

The Daring Hero prestige class by Forrest Heck, in particular, got my attention. Its a classic trope of the kinds of genres you might play an RPG for, and as such, I'd see either playing or letting a player play as one at my table. If you ever wondered "how did they survive that" -- this prestige class offers mechanical reasons for it (like Plot Armor!).

The Gelatinous Cube monster class, by Jeffrey Swank, is a great addition too. Its a kind of parody of his Monster Class line for Dreamscarred, but also works as a great introduction. What I REALLY want is to find a GM willing to let me have one as a "pet" either as an animal companion-type character or a cohort. I've got an old derro character obsessed with oozes and the like and this would be a joy to have along as his companion (or if needed, to make the derro the cube's companion.

Well done everyone, there's much more than this, but the these two things really jumped out at me!

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April Augmented
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