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(Aid) The eConic Halfling Rogue $7.95 $3.98
Publisher: Creative Mountain Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/13/2007 00:00:00

The eConic Halfling Rogue is a pdf product for your d20 fantasy game featuring 20 character levels of a typical NPC halfling rogue. This product is one of two products so far in the eConic series of products from Creative Mountain Games, the other detailing the human fighter. Each product presents 20 characters sheets for a specific race and class combination, in this instance the halfling rogue, which can be printed out and used when required by both DMs and players alike.

The product comes as a single zip file containing 21 separate pdf files. Twenty of these pdf files contain the two page character sheets for each level of the halfling rogue, while the other file contains the cover, OGL declarations and a useful table that provides guidelines for upgrading the NPC wealth to PC wealth when converting the halfling rogue to a PC rather than a NPC. For most purposes the separate files would probably suffice, although it would've been useful if the product had also included a single file that contained all the character sheets. Certainly for finding and printing files separate ones make sense, but the collection is useful in other ways.

The character sheets consist of two pages each, and are by and large standard character sheets that one would expect to find or see around on the internet or in other products. There's nothing particularly special about the layout and design of the character sheets, and they contain most of the details one would expect to see for a halfling rogue. For the most part it was a useful and easy to use design, with all the information you're looking for lumped together in the right places.

The character sheets are all form-fillable, meaning that you amend or change details and add extra details to these. Note, however, that for Acrobat users, that this will not allow you to save your modified character sheet unless you have the full version of the software. In most other instances, you can amend the details and print the sheet, but will be unable to do so again in the future without having to make all the changes again. Users of other pdf software may not have this problem.

The halfling rogue itself is exactly what the product implies - eConic or pretty standard. The rogue has high Dexterity, low Strength and decent ability scores (it uses the elite array of ability scores) to enable good skill selection and good combat durability. Feats, gear, and other abilities are pretty standard fare for the most part, and the product succeeds in creating a halfling rogue that will fit in in most areas of adventure, or one that at least is not too difficult to tweak should the need arise. There are unfortunately a number of mechanical errors in the character sheet that went overlooked, including incorrect attacks and AC calculations. For the most part, though, things seem good.

The eConic Halfling Rogue is a useful product and utility that DMs and players can use to save them time when the need arises. The ability to modify the character sheet as useful, although this largely depends on the pdf software that you have available. The halfling rogue is a decent character build, barring the small number of errors, that can be used equally as a NPC and PC build. Layout and design of the character sheet was good, with all the information logically and neatly contained in one place. In the old end this is a satisfactory product, and a useful one, but nothing spectacular. It's a product that aims to do something, achieves it, but does nothing else beyond that.<br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: Good character sheet design, acceptable character build and design, and useful material for those looking for a halfling rogue.<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: A number of mechanical errors in the character sheet, and the form-fillable capability is not as useful as it would seem. The addition of a single file for all the character sheets would've also been handy.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Acceptable<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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(Aid) The eConic Halfling Rogue
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