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1 on 1 Adventures #1: Gambler's Quest
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Publisher: Expeditious Retreat Press
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/29/2007 00:00:00

Modules seem to be a good place to see a company shine. It is most often the clearest example of how the writers see the game. D&D has many different playing styles and ways groups play. I like a good adventure. I enjoy well crafted Dungeon Crawls to the plot and character heavy role playing driven ones. I like to read what ideas other people use to craft an adventure and to see how they bring it all together. Gambler?s Quest is a new adventure by Expeditious Retreat and it is interesting and a good read.

Gambler?s Quest is a twenty four page adventure. The PDF is put out by Expeditious Retreat who are well known for their Magical Medieval Society series of books. The book is black and white with borders and some good art. It does consume a bit more ink then average with the borders but it is not that bad as all things go. The book is well organized and book marked making it easy to use from a computer or laptop.

Gambler?s Quest is a solo module. That is the module is designed for a single player and a rogue one at that. That will make the module a little less useful for people. It is possible to make this for a group of players but it will not work as well. The module is well written and really does a nice job of crafting an interesting adventure with lots of possibilities and options for a rogue character. The character should be a rogue as that is what the module is designed for but it can work with other characters. The rogues skills are a highlight of the module, many encounters are designed to be able to use stealth and cunning and not just brute strength. Any other class will have problems in the module, a bard might be the second best for this adventure though things like trap finding might be a problem. The adventure does have good advice for scaling it for higher levels. The adventure is designed for a character of second to fourth level. They do have advice for characters up to seventh level and for multiple players to be run through it.

The adventure is nice and simple. It really allows for a lot of player freedom and lets a rouge be a rogue. The adventure starts when the player either gets invited or finds out about a gambling event a lord is hosting. The module has good rules for gambling allowing a rouge to use many of his skills like bluff and sense motive for instance in the game. There are rules for gambling in here using a specific game. The rules allow for cheating, lying, and everything one would expect in such a competition. While the gambling is not going on the character can try to access other parts of the castle and learn lots of interesting information form the many NPCs here. There is a lot of good opportunity for role playing and solo investigation. The character should be able to get some good information and make quite a bit of money along the way. The gambling part is just the beginning but can really be fun for the right people. There are other things going on here and the character has a chance to really impress some important people.

I have run many solo adventures and even a long running solo campaign. I have found that in these games character interaction is important and it is good to be able to offer the character plenty of options. Sometimes with out a lot of different people to talk with a solo player character can be at a loss for what to do. This module has plenty of both: character interaction and options for the character. This seems like a really good and fun solo adventure. The plot is nice and complete and it has many options for the player. The NPCs are well defined and written up and I really like that there is a lot of non combat solutions to be had.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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1 on 1 Adventures #1: Gambler's Quest
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