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d240 NPC Careers
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Ultimate Dice Tower 2 $7.75
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Forest B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/27/2016 13:24:34

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The upsides...

  • Looks beautiful. Excellent texturing and nice work to make the dragon not look 'flat'. My players were impressed
  • Nowhere near as hard to build as other reviewers say...unless you are only used to cutting straight lines. If curves throw you off, it could be hard when you get to assembly of the dragon.
  • Complex enough in number of parts and assembly to be a satisfying 2-3 evenings after work project.

The downsides.

  • Not enough ramp slope, dice slide more than roll.
  • Exit holes too small for the provided ramp slope, sliding dice stick in the entrance rather than roll out.
  • Not enough internal panels to 'roll' the dice for truly random rolling (Ultime Dice Tower 1 is FAR better at this).
  • More a display piece than useful.

What does this mean for users? If you roll more than 1 dice, and they both go down the same side, one is going to end up stuck in the ramp, since due to lack of slope angle, they won't roll out the holes and will almost always hit one of the sides and stop in the entrance backing up other dice. Due to insufficient ramp angle, things like D4 and D6 tend not to roll as much as slide down the ramps.

A redesign is in order. Had the ramp been built to go in past the 'cave wall, then sharply increase the angle upward...or semicircular (and lava textured) 'rolling panels' angled down like in a traditional upright tower would function a lot better. As it stands, you have to drop the dice from fairly high, try to hit the internal perpendicular divider or if a flat die, try to give it a bit of spin on release.

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Ultimate Dice Tower 2
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