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APG City Tiles $3.95
Publisher: Alea Publishing Group
by Bo V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/16/2007 07:55:19

Its not fancy.

Everything is set up to fit within the limits of a PDF page with a grid overlay appropriate for miniatures use. There is a little introductory page and a comment about medieval buildings, one page of grass, a couple of cobble road graphics and more than a dozen graphics of building interiors suitable to inhabit with miniatures. The product has no NPC's, monsters or separate item cards.

The art and presentation is reasonable but very straightforward - everything is aligned in straight lines with the page for example. The product feels like the result of a dunjinni session or two. Its worth it, if you want to save yourself the work of making the graphics yourself or perhaps if you are playing online and need some rooms quickly.

Its intended to be printed and placed on a table. The pictures are clear and 300dpi for crisp printing. It is the creation of a graphic program not a great resource for other graphics programs. There are no pages with just items, clipart or other doodads - if you like making digital graphics you should go elsewhere. If you just want a few extra tiles for your strategic layouts or a floor mat on which to show off your miniatures this is a good product.

Simple, straight forward, inexpensive.


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APG City Tiles
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