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by Malcolm M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/18/2007 18:07:42

Ryan Wolfe is the king of starship deckplans. No one else can touch what he does with his Future Armada series, and most PDF publishers are smart enough not to try to compete directly.

In Latin, the word "Invictus" means "unconquered", and the name of this current carrier-class capital ship couldn't be more apt. With each release, Wolfe gives the buyer more for their money: more flexibility of use; more options at the gaming table; more art; and more sheer content..

In an industry where it's not uncommon to see a five-page, mostly-text PDF sell for five dollars (or more), Ryan Wolfe not only gives his buyers a full-color, thirty-one page core document, but includes additional art, tile, and schematic documents as well. And the Invictus sells for under eight bucks!

This then, is what ultimately makes Ryan Wolfe the "unconquered king" (Invictus Rex) of starship deckplans -- if not science-fiction rpg PDF supplements in general: Wolfe always gives you more. More content, more options, every time, all the time.

Whether on the large scale (e.g. the Invictus tiles are designed to integrate easily with the tiles from Wolfe's last release, the Argos III, to give users even more options in designing their own capital vessels) or on the small-scale (e.g. while the Invictus is a warship, Wolfe makes a point of mentioning how this flagship might easily function as an exploration/diplomatic vessel during peacetime), Wolfe always seems to keep the needs of the end-user, and the realities of the gaming-table in mind.

The other thing which makes the Future Armada series remarkable is that designer Wolfe is always pushing his own boundaries. He could've just kept on cranking out awesome-looking player-character-party scale starships, and pocketed decent money doing "variations on a theme" forever. But no.

First, he does a small space station (Vanguard Station) -- something every SF rpg gamemaster needs. When the Vanguard proves welcome, he does a big space station -- and I mean a BIG one (Argos III). Making something the size of Argos III actually work at the game-table level took obvious effort, but Wolfe pulled it off masterfully.

And now, Invictus the unconquered, one of the "grail deckplans" for SF rpg fans -- a fully-detailed capital ship. I haven't seen a capital ship deckplan this welcome since the Azhanti High Lightning boxed set from GDW for Classic Traveller, and most of you reading this probably weren't even born when that one came out. Heck, I hadn't even kissed a girl yet, myself!

So, Ryan Wolfe and his beautiful Invictus get full marks and sincere thanks. Not only for a first-rate product at a bargain price, but for the spirit of creativity and experiment which drives the entire Future Armada line. What's next, Mr. Wolfe? A planetside starport? An alien starship? A derelict alien starship to explore? Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be as interesting, as useful, and as fun as everything you've brought us of late.

Meantime, we have the Invictus -- and what a beautiful starship she is!

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Future Armada: Invictus
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