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Nemezis Adventure Generator $0.00
Publisher: GRAmel
by Olivier S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/15/2016 11:13:09

The "Nemezis Adventure Generator" is a (free !) excerpt from the Savage Worlds setting "Nemezis", and is an improvement of the same generator found in "Beasts & Barbarians" by U.Pignatelli. The product here has been adapted to the sci-fi universe of Nemezis, but since it comes from a sword & sorcery RPG, it is easy to flavour it to your favorite gaming world. At first sight, this generator hadn't interested me so much, because there are already more detailed "adventure" generators available on the Net (Yes, I have spent a few months roaming the Web in search of such generators !). But the real truth is that this instrument does not generate a full-fledged adventure, rather a full-fledged plot, and in this latter function it is excellent.

This generator works with 5 cards you draw from any mundane pack. The suits of the cards indicate the background of the story (place/scenery/opponent/problem/reward) while the values of the same five cards will outline the adventure (threat/hook/genre/plot twist/climax). Each option is described in a well-written short paragraph. The "genre" section has entries that manage to explain, with a couple of sentences, the basic arrangement of the elements of the plot. For example, "5-7" gives "investigation" = "This time the heroes have to discover which of the people (...) have done the deed. There should be a fairly large group of suspects and a number of clues - some being simple red herrings, others pointing to the guilty party." This is not to be confused with "King" = "Intrigue" : "The plot is similar to an investigation : the heroes have to discover the truth, and then prove it. The real difficulty is not discovering who the villain is, but convincing people he is the real source of evil."

This product is free (thanks to GRAMEL !) so don't wait anymore if you are stuck with an adventure plot !

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Nemezis Adventure Generator
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