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High Psionics: Sequestral Feats $2.50 $1.63
Publisher: Dreamscarred Press
by Josh S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/20/2007 22:44:39

The answer to “how do I stop running out of power points,” High Psionics: Sequestral Feats allows a manifester to continue using powers virtually all day long. (and not be reduced to “I try to hit it with my dagger” after too many encounters in a day) I cannot think of a time I’ve played a psionic class and not run out of power points. (I do like to nova) This supplement solves that problem giving the manifesting class something to do even when her power points are low, or allowing her to be useful even when conserving power points for later.

The layout is outstanding and very professional in appearance. The pictures included enhance the text without distracting from it or confusing readers by being on a different page than what they exemplify. And one of the best things about all of Dreamscarred Press’s products is they keep with the same style and language that WotC itself does, so there is no “what book am I in and how do I read these entries?” syndrome that can be a problem in other publishers’ books. There is even the normal table on the second page of text that lists all the feats, their prerequisites and a synopsis of what they do. All in all a very aesthetic piece of work.

As for the feats themselves, excellent isn’t quite strong enough a word. About half a page is devoted to explaining how “sequestering” a power works and the benefits you receive. Not only are the mechanics of the feats pretty intuitive they are well balanced too. By giving up the use (temporarily) of a power you gain an effect usable at-will (or continuously on in some cases). The rest, of course, is up to you. Do you want to always have a construct there, watching your back? OK. Do you want to always be able to fire a stream of acid or confuse creatures with a touch? OK. What about always being able to alter your appearance, to look like an average person few would notice? OK to that too. (In fact that feat in particular is one of the best things I have to say about this book, it gives you the ability to use a power that is not in the XPH but another supplement of Dreamscarred Press. But rather than force you to purchase that supplement too, they reprint the power right there for you to use)

So enough of the praise for this book, right? What does it lack, what could make it better? Well, honestly very little. The feats are all magnificent (though I do wish there were more, but I suppose you can’t be too sad, there are 54 of them) and the product as a whole is elegant and not confusing in the least. I suppose the only problem that could be found is if you didn’t like feats. Though if that were the case I can’t fathom why you’d be reading a review on a book of feats.

All in all, outstanding product.

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