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Fractal Mapper v8.0 Upgrade $20.00 $15.00
Publisher: NBOS Software
by Mark O. Date Added: 09/27/2007 00:10:09

With FM8, NBOS at last has a 100% acceptable alternative to Campaign Cartographer 3 from ProFantasy. Almost any mapping goal that one can reach with CC3 also is obtainable with FM8. In addition, FM8 has many advantages that CC3 doesn't offer:

  1. It was developed with and works fine under Windows Vista.
  2. It doesn't have a sizeable list of bugs yet to be fixed.
  3. It's easy to learn and to use. (The CC3 learning curve is about as steep as Mt. Everest).
  4. It embeds its raster symbols, making native formats portable (not the case with CC3).
  5. It can use CC3 raster symbols and CSUAC raster symbols. These points are only the most important. This is an excellent mapping program that every GM should consider.

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Fractal Mapper v8.0 Upgrade
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