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17 Magic Bracers $3.50
Publisher: The Le Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/28/2007 10:25:40

LeGames certainly feels that you can never have too many magic items to choose from. Unfortunately, the popular magic slots such as the ring fingers and wielding hands are usually filled. So LeGames has created 17 (really 25) magical items that are built for a little used slot, your forearms.

17 Magic Bracers is a short 17 page PDF that contains a range of magical bracers that expands the use of the device, which normally acts as a simple armor enhancement for those whom can not wear strong armor. 17 Magic Bracers. LeGames has always done a wonderful job of offering a broad range within their products and there is no exception here. Items consist of minor all the way to artifact and there are deadly ones as much as there are beneficial ones.

For the Player Several bracers really caught my eye and would be quite beneficial to sneak in at midlevel character creation. The Bracelet of Second Life grants the wearer a second chance on life if they are knocked below 0 hp. I also fancy carrying manacles as a player, and the Manacles of Loyalty are pretty cool to have. If you have one of those DMs who likes to through NPCs at you whom backstab the party, slap these on him. Once someone makes an oath they are cursed if they break it.

For the DM The items inside the book all seem to be very much in line with similar magical items of the same cost. Skipping to the ed of the book, are several synergy artifacts that grant extra powers when combined with each other. The Shadow Breaker items scale in power along with their synergy and their varied descriptions (life, hate, etc) can create a nice little side quest for the game.

The Iron Word Magical Bracers provides a wide assortment of magical treats for your players. Though there are not a ton of minor ones, there are a number of mid to high level ones that an experienced party will enjoy.

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17 Magic Bracers
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