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Bedlam in Bedlam: A Superlink Adventure $20.00 $4.99
Publisher: Plain Brown Wrapper Games
by Chris H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/29/2007 22:20:06

After buying this product I am compelled to write a review for the simple fact that I would not buy this again if given the chance. It has some good points as a product but many more elements I simply did not like. The most important of which is the length. That is a lot of pages to print out. The art is ok at best which is fine but the effect is page after page of mediocre text. The maps could be done better (such as in a product like Lockdown which has excellent maps, compared to a product like that I'd give this product a very lowrating). Lastly, the format the characters are written in could be improved away from the 'stat block' they resemble. In the end I'm weary of buying products from this publisher. The story itself is decent but it seems, for what it is, you could shorten the length of the product. There is a lot of effort in detailing lots of government agents for example when perhaps a base write up with options added and a quick list of 'personalities' would not have seemed more appropriate. In the end what you get is a large investment of time and effort on the GM's part which if you didn't like the adventure you ended up reading a bit too much information. As far as the inclusion of the city of bedlam write up? Well, why not simply include this as a smaller separate product which costs like 2 dollars. Do we really need it that detailed considering in the adventure your exactly going to explore that much of it. Its a bonus really to have it, but again, it added to the overall thought that this adventure had 'too much information'. I am writing this review to say that out of all the superlink products I bought I really don't want more of something like this. Adventures are good. A good example of one, and one I'd pay good money of are of the type listed in Gimmick's Gadgets page of the Atomic Think Tank forum. There is a 'free adventure' that involves the Toy Boy. That adventure seems to give me just want I need without overloading me, and is the essence of the plot and adventure.

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Bedlam in Bedlam: A Superlink Adventure
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