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Publisher: Basic Action Games
by Auri F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/02/2017 13:19:49

I'm a fan of swashbuckling style and I've ran a entire campaing in this genre (2 years), but with a homemade system. It worked well, but I didn´t have time to write and test the designed rules, so I decided to find a system to emulate all funny things like, battle ships, heroic combats, social intrigues and some magic, and finally I found Honor + Intrigue. It´s an amazing book, really great job! In a single book we can do everything we need in my group! It is unbelievable how we think similar about the rules (my homemade system and yours), but Honor+Intrigue is far better. I can see a large research and effort in development of this book!! Next month we will play again but using Honor + Intrigue. Thanks for this great job!!

In my group, the Crew is very important, because we play like Pirates, so the fame, resources, and influence, became good points in my campaing as managing the loyalty and moral of the crew. The crew sometimes did important missions while the PC's was doing another quests in paralell. So my suggestion is to created a mini system to manage this, for example: If I want to pick some pirates to invade a Fort (as my own pawns to help me in combat)? If I pick some pirates to spy someone, how they succeed? And about the loyalty (never miss the Rum)? And how to rule the fame, influence and the resources of the Crew (Oh! You are a pirate from The Undertaker's Ship! It´s better think twice before betrayal you).

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Honor + Intrigue
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