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Artesia: The Book of Dooms Volume 1
Publisher: Archaia Entertainment LLC
by Jez G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/08/2007 06:04:35

I became intrigued by this product after hearing good things about the RPG. I thpught I would have a look at the comic the rpg is based on and see what the fuss is about. I am glad that I did. On first reading Artesia is a bit dull. There's lots of talk about gods and waring states and prayers and all sorts of nonesense you get in most dire fantasy offerings, I struggled through because the artwork is truly amazing. Then I got to the appendix at the back. Like Tolkein, the author of Artesia obviously has an overarching backstory for the world he has created. There is oodles of info on the gods of the world and the kingdoms therein. Once I had read and digested this I went back and re-read the comic. his time around I realised just how far above the standard hack and slash tale this is. Artesia is an awesome book and I am now fully hooked on it's tale. I would highly recommend this to any discerning graphic novel reader. It isn't for kids though with some quite graphic violence and scenes of full frontal nudity.

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Artesia: The Book of Dooms Volume 1
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