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Overly Specific Condition Cards $0.00
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by John S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/14/2017 04:01:41

An odd one. Obviously this is a joke product and it's mildly amusing, so well done there. Worth a look, more for the pointers on creating your own conditions than for the humour.

What I find odd about this is mostly how inconsistent the cards are. There's some that are focused on metagame stuff, in a way which leaves me fairly cold, because my groups are quite happy to discuss that openly. A few of them seem pleasingly niche, but still potentially useful in a completely standard game and quite tropetastic, which is more what I was expecting ("Cornered by things that are smaller than you", for example). Others look have a tongue-in-cheek feel but would again work fine in a not-very-serious campaign, and then there's a couple of wild cards.

I don't have any problem with any of that, but I do feel the cards would have been more satisfying if they'd stuck with a consistent tone and theme for the conditions, because a stack of cards with the same kind of humour would have a cumulative effect, whereas this scattershot approach doesn't. Or you could even split it into two sets, one focused on horror/monster/WOD tropery and one on the jokier elements.

Also, and I appreciate this is a very minor gripe, but could they not have filled in the last four cards instead of leaving them blank? Surely White Wolf can come up with eighteen mildly amusing things?

It's a nice idea, I think it could have been executed better with a bit more focus, but it's a freebie April 1st throwaway so hey.

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Overly Specific Condition Cards
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