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Basic Roleplaying
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Publisher: Chaosium
by Steven R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2008 05:40:22

I have had this RPG book for some time have found it to be a very simple system to use. Things I like about BRP are the use of all the dice and the fast character creation. The system uses D100 or checks and the other dice for damage (similar to D20). Its simple making it useful for when the young and new players (with 16 pages its not very daunting read for a young player) or when the GM is away. It does require an experienced player to act as GM. What the system does not have is a Magic system or an extensive Monster section. This does mean that a GM has to do a lot of the work but If you like customising game systems it gives you a great start. I would like to see Chaosium Basic Roleplaying Creatures Book and Basic Roleplaying Magic Book available as a PDF download as these are not available in the UK.

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Basic Roleplaying
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