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Tavern Menus: Pirate Food & Spirits $3.13 $2.35
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/30/2008 03:58:49

Tavern Menus: Pirate Food and Spirits is a 12 page accessory containing a number of delightful menus of food and drink for the taverns and inns in any campaign. This product is the second product from Small Niche Games featuring Tavern Menus, each detailing a wide variety of different foods and drinks for different types of inns and taverns. This product should be suitable for most campaign settings and worlds featuring pirates or coastal areas, although in some instance it might require a change or two with the menus.

The product comes as a single pdf file containing the various menus. There are 6 menus in all in this product, two per page, but each menu is accompanied by a black and white version for easier printing, as well as a black and white version that doesn't contain a name for the tavern or inn, nor the tavern's logo or pattern. The latter allows you to customize the menu to a particular location in your campaign world. The menus look visually good, with some nice additional artwork to accompany each tavern or inn. From a presentation point of view, this is a good quality product.

Almost every RPG player out there has created a party in a tavern or inn and set off on some grand adventure. And most parties actually spend a fair amount of time in taverns and inn, discussing plans or just waiting for the next adventure. Whatever the case may be, taverns and inns feature quite heavily in most RPG games, particularly fantasy ones. This product provides a great opportunity to flesh out those scenes a little more with these tavern menu cards. Players will now have the opportunity to look through and order from unique and interesting menus, that may even result in some additional plot hooks coming to light, such as finding an ingredient or helping the cook to avoid his nasty competitors for the village cooking competition. Whatever your tastes, I find these menu cards to be very useful, realistic, and visually good.

One of the nice things about these menus is that they're not outlandish. You won't find steak from a blink dog, or dragon heart on the menus. Here are just good foodstuffs that are not extravagant in any sense. Some of the menus probably cater to a more upper class society in a campaign world, while others pride themselves at selling hearty stew. If you're in the mood for Hare served with Swordfish and Garlic or just something more ordinary like Black Bean Gumbo and Bread, there something for everyone's taste. It would actually have been really useful to be able to mix and match some of these items to create your own menus, but that's well beyond the scope of this pdf.

Overall I found this a satisfying pdf. It brings something useful to the gaming table that's both visually impressive and realistically interesting in food selection. It's well worth a look at for those DMs wanting to flesh out a tavern or inn that's going to feature heavily in a campaign, particularly in a city, or otherwise useful for throwing something on a table when characters seek shelter on a dark and stormy night. These menus can also serve as plot hooks for creative DMs. It would've been interesting to see some of those perhaps in this product as well. Good product, useful, and original.

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Tavern Menus: Pirate Food & Spirits
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