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EABA Ythrek v1.1
Publisher: BTRC
by Miguel d. L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/03/2008 08:59:33

Ythrek makes an interesting setting. A post-holocaust area set in the west of an Iberian peninsula (that's half Spain + Portugal) for ever changed for some unnamed disaster.

Yet there are some hints: the coast has receded, making most of the Guadalquivir valley (Seville is there) now part of the sea as well as the area around Lisbon, portugal, and so it's the fate of many of the rias (sorta small fiords) of Galicia. Besides the desert has accquired most of the land. Rain is scarce and survival difficult.

The society and language seems to me a pseudo-Spanish, and so it is the society which is close to the "mythical" holywood Spain, complete with duels and everything. However there are areas populated by the Northen people, which look germanic to me. I wonder what ever happened to the French :)

There are no horses so most transportation is by foot or pedal. Technology is mostly Reinascence, but with some additons like bycicles.

The setting is pretty solid and offers many interesting possibilities for adventure, specially with a looming crisis.

However it feels sketchy at times, and there are a time or two where I feel more detailed maps would have served us well. Some more illustrations would have been cool, too, but again nothing essential.

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EABA Ythrek v1.1
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